Katharina Wahl
Diplom-Designerin ++++ this platform is under construction ++++
17.05 - 29.09.2019
Christine Herdin and Katharina Wahl

"Schmusemaske Schleckstein" and
"Schmusemaske Schleckstein customized"
Design Museum Gent

A first version of the App "Schmusemaske Schleckstein customized" is presented together with six new physical masks. The Design Museum Gent kindly supported the further development of this project to be a part of the show DIEREN OP MAAT.

Schmusemaske Schleckstein is a recreational chew combining mask and toy for a kinky and thrilling game to be enjoyed by both human and dog. Disguise, dedication, disgust, danger and devotion create an atmosphere for deep-rooted emotional and tribal interconnections to evolve.

Starting from first experiments based on the mould of an Anonymous mask the project now focuses on customization: A 3D-file of the dog owners face is combined into a personal mask with additional stimulating adjustments to improve chewability and enhance excitement. First introduced in a passive video simulation as part of "Creatures Made to Measure Animals and Contemporary Design at Marta Herford in 2018 we were now able to take first steps in developing an App to provide an interactive experience for the Gent audience. In a later phase of this ongoing work a personalized mask can be ordered as a 3D-printed Schmusemaske Schleckstein.