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Obese Door / Voluptuous Door

20 meters of Divina fabric were used to build a diversely layered, flexible, heavy, freestanding slab, called a lardboard - a chimaera of door and curtain. Each of the seven layers was embroidered with a line grid as a reference point for the rest of the stitching. Then starting at one end, the layers were sewn through from top to bottom over and over again, a process a little like sewing together the pages of a book.
Doors conceal layers but are covered with a closed surface which presents as a massive homogenous material. There´s a beauty in the inner structure of a door that I wanted to make central to the aesthetic approach of this project. A translation of these internal functional structures which are usually hidden into the luxurious and beautiful Divina fabric.

This object was made possible by the help of artist Anne Vortisch.

Kvadrat Divina Project
Salone Internazionale del Mobile
9-13 April 2014