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A wooden seating group consisting of a stripe bench and 6 chipwood stools

Branchelina and the Kids is about Pastiche, Fake, the Artificial and the Unveiling and Enhancement of the Hidden. Branchelina and the Kids is a blending between the idealist perception of mighty trees that invite us to linger in their shadow and a grown building material adjusted by man to meet his practical and economic needs of shelter, heating and furnishing. It is about Faux Bois and wood chips. Branchelina and the Kids is a vehicle for an expedition through the branching maze of tradition, perception and decorum, a playful examination of the possibilities of a material. Branchelina and the Kids is the admiration of the artificial as refined and improved nature, which can be found in the fake ruins of the 18th century English Garden or in the stylistic representation of wood in Walt Disney Animation.

Useless? The Wandering Pain
curated by Hans Maier-Aichen (DE) and Max Bruinsma (NL)

2011/2012 + 2016